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Solo Energy is a new low-cost 100% renewable energy-as-a-service business launching in the UK in 2018. At Solo we believe the age of fossil fuels is dead, and we want to start making the transition to 100% renewables happen as quickly as possible, like now.

We're a lot different to other energy suppliers – we’re using energy storage to change the way we use energy forever. When customers sign up to Solo, we install a cool and clever battery system at your home or business. Energy storage allows you to charge up from your solar panels or micro-wind turbine, and from the grid when there's lots of renewables generating and prices are low. By saving all this nice clean energy for later use, we can finally start saying goodbye to fossil fuels and start shutting down dirty old power stations.

Better still, all this clever energy storage stuff allows Solo to offer 100% renewable energy supply at a lower cost than standard suppliers, while helping our customers, to help us, save the planet.

Smart Energy Storage - by Solo

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