Virtual Power Plant

Solo believes our future energy system will be powered entirely by low-cost 100% renewable energy. Renewables provide an infinite source of carbon-free energy which can power our planet forever, but because supply from renewables are intermittent, to achieve a transition to 100% renewables the way we generate, transmit, and use electricity needs to get smarter and more flexible. Energy storage is the missing link that will allow the world to eliminate dependence on polluting fossil fuels and achieve a 100% renewable future.

Solo are pioneering the development of the "Virtual Power Plant", a smart system of renewable generation and energy storage controlled via a dedicated IoT (Internet-of-Things) cloud network and big-data analytics platform. Our FlexiGrid platform aggregates distributed energy storage assets to work together as a single virtual battery system, storing renewable energy when it is not needed, for later use when required. 


Solo wants you to be part of the energy storage evolution - we deploy batteries in homes and businesses across the grid. 

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Our cloud-based software platform remotely monitors and controls batteries together as a “Virtual Power Plant”.


We charge our battery network when renewable generation peaks, either from onsite or grid renewables. 

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Later, when renewable generation decreases, we power you - and the grid - with clean low-cost energy stored in your battery.

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Our Virtual Power Plant allows for increased levels of renewables and reduces our dependence on fossil fuels.