Tesla Powerwall Battery + 10p/kWh 100% renewable tariff*

Tesla Powerwall Battery + 10p/kWh 100% renewable tariff*

from 200.00

£200 deposit payable on order. 

Tesla Powerwall full installation cost £6,499 inc VAT with our 10p/kWh* flat tariff

*When we launch in 2018

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When we launch in Spring 2018 we'll be offering our first 100 customers home battery installation for £6,499 with a ridiculously low 100%-renewable flat tariff of 10p/kWh*. Why? Because we can!

If you have solar PV or micro-wind, a home battery allows you to supply lots of your energy yourself.  Your battery automatically charges up from excess power from solar or wind, saving it up for later when you need it rather than exporting to the grid. This means we don't have to supply you with as much higher cost electricity from the grid, particularly during peak demand times more electricity comes from polluting fossil fuel burning power stations. Your battery will also be able to be configured to charge from the grid during off-peak times to lower your energy bills even further. 

The offer is limited to customers who have existing solar PV or micro wind turbines but don't worry - if you don't have solar or wind we can arrange for installation starting from £3000. We want all our customers to generate and use as much of their own renewable energy as possible so if you're not hooked into solar PV or wind yet - there's never been a better time to get started.

What will this all mean for your energy bills? Well with a battery you'll be able to use a lot more of your own solar or wind energy, saving you an estimated £300 per year. With our ultra-low tariff we think we'll save you a further £300 per year. That's up to £600/year saving on your electricity bill. With a 10-year warranty and expected 20-year life, your battery will keep working hard to keep your energy bills down and protect you from continually increasing tariffs from Big 6 suppliers, while helping to save the planet one charge at a time.  

And the benefits don't stop there. We think our customers will do a much better job spreading the word about Solo than TV ads or marketing middlemen, so we want to pay YOU to get more customers signed up. For every family member or friend that you help sign up to Solo's intro offer, we'll give you £100 cashback. Sound good? Then start spreading the word!

To secure your place as one of our first 100 customers all you need to do is click here and sign up with a £200 deposit. Don't miss out...