Take Control

We're launching our new smarter energy supply business in the UK early in 2018.

Can't wait to power up your home with energy storage?

Prices from £5000 including installation


Tired of rising energy bills? Take control of your energy with Solo Energy and Tesla Powerwall - the most advanced lithium-ion battery system on the market. With 13.2 kWh of storage capacity and up to 7 kW power output from an in-built inverter, Powerwall can power your home or business throughout the day.   


Save Money

Take control of your energy bills and save money with Solo - energy storage allows you to use more of the energy you generate yourself, reducing expensive electricity imports from the grid. Solo can help you take advantage of cheaper electricity rates through the day by charging you up during off-peak times.

Solar Self-Consumption icon.png

Self Consumption

Store your solar power generated through the day when you're not there for later use when you're home. A typical PV system exports 75% of the energy generated to the grid. With a home battery system you can now keep all that clean free energy for yourself.

Grid Independence Icon.png

Grid Independence

Tired of rising bills from your energy supplier? Energy storage now gives you the power to reduce your dependence on the grid by allowing you to generate and use your own energy. Solo can also configure your battery to charge on off-peak rates, or when there is lots of renewable generation on the grid.

Back Up icon.png

Back-up Power

Now you can keep your lights on even when the grid is down. Solo can configure your Powerwall to power critical loads such as lighting, or your entire home if you want. With over 13 kWh of storage capacity and up to 7kW output, Powerwall can run an average home for up to a day.  


Want more storage? No problem - Solo can stack up to 9 Powerwall units to give you over 130 kWh of storage capacity. Great for your home if you generate or use higher than average electricity. Great for business customers with higher consumption and for long-term back-up power.

Long Life

With a 10-year manufacturer's warranty, you don't need to worry about performance. Your battery will keep on working for you day in day out for well over 10 years, saving you money and reducing your carbon footprint. Any issues with your system will be diagnosed remotely by Solo and resolved quickly and with minimal fuss.