About Solo

We think the world can and should be powered only by renewable energy. So we started Solo to make this happen. We want to make Planet Earth a better place for our kids and are passionately driven to turn our vision of a world free from fossil fuels into reality.

Big energy companies aren't moving fast enough in leading the transition away from fossil fuels to renewables. They're generally quite happy with business as usual, generating large profits by mostly burning cheap polluting fossil fuels. The intermittency of wind and solar energy is a problem for their outdated business models. At Solo we want to show how energy storage and our clever software provides the solution to the problem, by storing excess renewable energy for later use so we don't need to rely on fossil fuels as back-up anymore. 

Energy storage also allows you to keep your energy bills down. Solo helps you to use more of the energy you generate yourself, while sharing low-cost renewable energy through the grid to further reduce your bills.

So, let's get started changing the world...